shabbatThe enormity of this most glorious deposit is the spiritual gravity; the spiritual mass that pulls the one who is of the same kind repels anyone who is not of the same kind. Although the spirit realm cannot be called a mass, for it is not material in any way, nor weighs anything, but it does exert a gravitational pull. Hence we have the tares, the field and the good seed, which God associates Himself with. The tares and the field will perish and be no more after they have completed their material mission on this planet only. Others completely belong to the spiritual domain from which they came and they remain as its permanent part forever.

Human body serves as a door, antenna or a transmitter between the spiritual world and the physical, between supernatural and natural. Human skin and hair in particular cooperate with nerves, which are embedded in every tissue. The closer one studies God’s Kingdom the more sensitive the antenna the door or transmitter becomes.


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