freedom_div_covrOnce we are truly free we begin to look beyond religious norms of one or another denomination, narrow-minded teachings of man, deceit and incomplete and confusing winds of doctrines (Eph. 4:14) we no longer correct or undo the past, we sail on the smooth path of truth on to glory!

In the process of freeing with the dynamite of truth (Greek word for power is dýnami) we may step on people’s toes because they also would have to drop their old beliefs, provided they want to INDEED be Free, but strangely, many don’t want to be free. Just like those in Nazareth they would rather throw you off the cliff as they tried to do to Jesus. What do you do then? You walk away and continue freeing only those who want to be free. The freeing power of Truth is explosive and it disturbs the status quo. Anyone who loves the Liberator, Lord Jesus, will quickly concur and walk out from the smoky jail cell. Others are SO SLOW that the prison guards quickly seize them. The latter state is worse then the previous. Why? They were not quick enough to react and run for their lives, so now they are in a different confinement; maximum security with reinforced bars and fortified walls. Some cells are dark and without windows.


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