1guilt_free(185x265)You should feel guilty when you do not understand and yet affirmatively declare something false as true. Humility, and the readiness to change are beneficial for such attitudes erase all guilt. Unclean spirits, which Jesus cast out, are unclean by the virtue of the Torah definition with which Jesus was very familiar; and not by sensationalism-­‐‑driven imaginations.

I defuse all guilt for me and for you. Guilt is like a Molotov cocktail. Pull the yarn out and put out the fire. Defuse it before it explodes. Don’t play with fire. When blamed, accused or doubted; refuse to budge; don’t buy into it. Those who are in bondage to guilt want to be free but they go about the wrong way. Instead of stopping it for themselves and for others they want company in the same.


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