The Love Essence

Love’s Inner Workings

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  1. [Excerpts]
    Don’t you love Him for it? Yes, He always wants you to make the right choice upon learning that the first choice wasn’t good. We have no enemies for we do not seek them. We are loved and choose love and then we are the Standard of God’s love, even the light of the world.

    Look how great is God’s love for you. Those who wrote the Bible spoke about themselves not with self-love, but critically. How many can afford to speak of themselves in this fashion? Hence, the Bible is the True Word of God.

    Children are loved and they should never be hurt. When they grow up they step on the way of pain for they have been hurt and they look out for any potential culprit. Teenagers go through a rebellious stage because they are confused. Partially they are still kids and partially adults. Now that they have to face the con- sequences of adulthood it is hard for them to part with child- hood. The first targets of choice are the parents; all of a sudden they are imperfect, cold and insensitive. They begin to miss the warmth of love encoded in their subconscious mind when they were hugged, bathed and kissed goodnight.

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