Root-Cause of Faith & Unbelief

Some have it others don’t. Why?
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One thought on “Root-Cause of Faith & Unbelief

  1. [Luke 18:8] When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?

    This substance called faith still resides on our planet. It is the God-sent gift. But slowly this gift is being taken as if it might be one’s own property and to be handled as one wishes. If it were so, one would remodel the entire earth. If we, for example, don’t like the Himalayas standing in our way or the Alps, we would move them elsewhere, but irresponsibly; and may I add, selfishly.

    Theologians combine scriptures concocting their own new theories telling us that we can extract faith from ourselves. All that we need is faith—they say. Faith is already here. It’s a gift! It comes the moment we preach (Romans 10:14) the resurrected Christ (Romans 10:17). At that precise moment the gift of faith is released, but why are so many preoccupied with just their own or the theological faith? Some get it, others don’t. It all depends on what stuff you are made of.

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