Divine Diagnosis

Examine yourself

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  1. Remember that time is only present when mass in space is present. Light measures the distance between objects in space because sunlight travels; it has its own velocity. We can measure light and the distances but before we are done with measuring time has elapsed. In God and His kingdom this is nonexistent. His realm is instant. No start and no finish. No beginning of the measuring tape and no end. Unlike our brain, which has beginning and has physical end, although it does not have to decay at all, God the Spirit always is.

    Just as it is in the physical so it is in the spiritual. First comes fertilization, like the pollinating bee that transfers pollen from one place on to another; in this case life, which the male seed secretes and which passes on to the woman’s egg and fertilizes it. Life did not come from below but from above. Scientists tell us that it came from space; the Bible says that God brought it down to earth from heaven.

    The seed is God’s Word. For example a corn seed is made of nine elements, the tenth is the stem leading down to earth from which it draws its sustenance until it matures.

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