The Great Divide

Why Jews never joined Christianity? Why so many died the Masada style (committed suicide) when facing Crusaders’ forceful baptism? Sometimes Jews survived by being subjected to involuntary baptism, such as in Regensburg, where a crusading mob rounded up the Jewish community, forced them into the Danube, and performed a mass baptism. After the crusaders had […]


[Proverbs 18:21] Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.  Since time immemorial words meant something to those who used them, for good or for ill. Covenants, transactions, marriage vows and agreements need words. Depending on each individual’s character, after given words actions follow. […]


The purpose of this blog is to stir your intellect; to draw your attention to things you would usually not consider. Our vocabulary is filled with words, like the devil and hell that describe something eerie and unfriendly. This spook describes something no one understands and much less knows in truth. Once we study the […]