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Thoughts are spiritual entities which enter our healthy minds. Tampered with minds, often through mind expanding substances, are deprived of the ability to fully grasp true realities of life. An abuser’s awareness can be altered until one becomes entirely isolated from a normal manner of seeing things in their true perspectives. Pain is often the only continuing reality for it is deep seeded memory of violation and injury. Because of the self-inflicted impairment one naturally searches for any other still flawless memories,  not being able to access them one tends to hurl these imaginary “injustices” on others. For consolation and fellowship one probes others who might share in similar injurious memories. This thick wall alienating  such people from the rest of society can be removed only at victim’s unconditional surrender to someone who has been fortunate enough to instill deep confidence.

Changing of memories by therapy alone is futile, for a season it might appear successful but another “crash” is imminent; pharmaceuticals alter only the physical side of brain, but are not meant, neither are able to even approach the spiritual memory bank.

Electric shocks, intended to get a patient out of the state of depression, sometimes destroy one part of the brain the physical memory bank. Depression was the first culprit, and the electric shock was the second.

Because of this destruction a patient becomes a mental vegetable unable to cope with true realities of life; for that which was true before; has been removed and what remained is SUBCONSCIOUS struggle with the inner self.

We learn by speculating and theorizing, but in order to establish something as functional and beneficial we must test these theories on the living.

Anyone that submits him or herself to new innovations, in the name of science or whatever, makes a blunder of an astronomical proportions. Why? Because such a decision may lead to an irreversible consequence.

neuronsWords of truth carry the heavenly powers because TRUTH comes not from matter, but from the all-seeing eyes of the Spirit, in which time and distance play no role.  Truth is of the One. Truth is straight and uncomplicated. Truth heals and restores anything damaged, but only when you yield to its influence. So before you introduce chemicals into your system or submit your body to electric shocks consider first WORDS that might redirect your thought-patterns (neuron connections & neurotransmitters), change the path upon which your feelings have traveled and enjoy gradual change. You will definitely progress towards health.

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    A single neuron sits in a petri dish, crackling in lonely contentment. From time to time, it spontaneously unleashes a wave of electric current that travels down its length. If you deliver pulses of electricity to one end of the cell, the neuron may respond with extra spikes of voltage. Bathe the neuron in various neurotransmitters, and you can alter the strength and timing of its electrical waves. On its own, in its dish, the neuron can’t do much. But join together 302 neurons, and they become a nervous system that can keep the worm Caenorhabditis elegans alive—sensing the animal’s surroundings, making decisions and issuing commands to the worm’s body. Join together 100 billion neurons—with 100 trillion connections—and you have yourself a human brain, capable of much, much more.

    1. We need the right connection – on our own we are like this single neuron in a petri dish…

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