patriotBabies play with toys. Teenagers keep on showing off trying to grab public attention. Adults are too busy working, making money improving their livelihoods. God is framed in a picture of religion. Each church seeks your loyalty and commitment, for each institution de- pends on tithes and offerings, yet, there is still the higher way. Political parties, Democrats, Republicans and Independents play with patriotism, pulling strings trying to sway popular sentiments their way.

Books are being published playing with patriotic and xenophobic sentiments, not to mention the KKK and other extremist groups using and exploiting the same apparatus. We are in a whirl of the patriotic tornado. Look at it closer and you will see what that twister is twirling… garbage. Unfortunately, what this whirlwind spins was not garbage, but someone‚Äôs property, which someone was attached to. Cars, trees and even homes fall prey to the power of a well manipulated patriotism.


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